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1 x AdWords Audit (Newbie) for $199.00 NZD
Product Description: A Google AdWords (or Bing Ads) audit comprising of assessing your paid advertising campaigns on the basis of functionality, efficiency and Return on Investment.

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Legal Name:
Search Engine College is a registered New Zealand company.
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Jordan Consulting Group Ltd, T/A Search Engine College and SiteAudits NZ
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+ 1 347 767 6726 (US) + 643 669 3323 (NZ)

Refund policy

Full or partial refunds for purchases will be provided at the discretion of Company Management* and only if sought within 7 days of purchase.  No refunds will be given for unused portions of monthly subscriptions.

*Please note in the case of Search Engine College courses, refunds are only available to students who have not accessed more than three lessons of any course and have not yet submitted any assignments.

Cancellation policy

Subscriptions: You can cancel your subscription at any time - there is no ongoing commitment required beyond your initial month. Simply cancel by the day before the due date of your next subscription payment or contact us directly and we can cancel it for you.

It is your responsibility to make sure you cancel your subscription before the anniversary date of your recurring billing cycle to ensure you aren’t charged for the next cycle.

Delivery policy

Instructions for accessing your course / subscription / audit will be provided via email shortly after your payment has been processed. If you haven't received your welcome email within 3 hours of signing up, please contact us via

Please note that your Next Payment Date is shown in international date format, not US date format i.e. 9-03-14 means 9 March 2014.

Other Conditions

If you have any questions relating to your purchase or subscription, please call us on +1 347 767 6726 (US) or + 643 669 3323 (NZ) or use our online contact form at: